Detroit in 2014 was my very first draft legal race. It was exciting, held amid a turning point in my personal life that unbeknownst to me would bring me to a place where I began to thrive more than I have in the last few years since college. Finally able to flex my proverbial muscles and work more on becoming who I want to be personally and professionally not to mention continuing athletically. A year has passed since that race and another Detroit Triathlon has been raced. I know I’m still young, but I also feel I’m getting old since I thought to myself now “Can a year have really passed?”

This year I was looking to really make some strides in the water to come out further ahead to race in a faster bike group. Despite cutting back mileage my other races seemed to show that I have still been making improvements this year on the swim. My plan on race day was to go out and bury myself on the swim to get myself as far forward as I could and let the chips fall as they may from there.

The actual race turned out to be much different than that. I won’t say I had a bad swim, it was decent, a solid effort, but not quite the heart thumping redline effort I was hoping to get out of myself.

Much as last year I ended up one of the last guys out of the water. Somehow, unfortunately for him, just behind my friend Kevin who’s made big leaps on the swim this year. He had a pretty bad swim day and felt gassed, which was fortunate for me since we ended up racing by ourselves on the bike leg.

On lap one I was leading the two of us as we caught another guy, I slowed slightly to let him on the back hoping to start building our group, but we dropped him shortly after only a couple pulls for him. Just Kevin and myself to work trying to catch up to a couple guys with a 30 second gap on us. We never could close the gap and it was off to the run.

Because of my position coming out of the water I really thought I was way back in the race so I put a solid effort in on the run, but the motivation wasn’t super high. Going into it I wasn’t sure how the legs would hold up, but I began to feel really good and started to turn over a little smoother (at least in my mind) on lap 2.

After finishing I was sure I had finished high 20’s out of what I thought was a field of 35 (as the start list had). Turns out that not everyone showed up to the race and I also finished 17th, exactly the same spot as last year (barring the 2 DQ’s ahead of me last year).

The results weren’t really spectacular, but the weekend also served as a much needed get together with friends and like minded guys. I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but there’s something about hanging around other guys/gals that are in the sport, work themselves day in day out just like you and really understand why you’re all there without any need to explain.

As I enter my week 2 of rest right now I’m not quite ready to get back to training, but spurts of squirrely behavior where I have to do something have popped up a couple times so I’ve snuck a short 3 miler in (feeling terrible of course) and a little lifting session yesterday.

I’ll be meeting with my new full-time coach, Coach Ryan Ross, from Coast to Coast Triathlon on Wednesday to discuss the upcoming year. With his help of taking the load off me to figure out workouts and make sure I’m doing the right things I am hoping I can begin to focus down more on working hard every day. It’s going to take something special to make the kind of improvement I need on the swim over this next year to be in contention for my elite license next year in Detroit or even earlier in Clermont.

I have my own ideas about what I need to do to get my strength up massively in my upper body, we’ll have to see what his plan is and where we can get together over the next year. Time will tell.

Only 354 days until the next Detroit Triathlon.

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